Top 3 Geeky Gift Websites, this is why I'm broke

Top 3 Geeky Gift Websites

Everyone knows about Amazon, eBay, etc. This article goes a step beyond that and looks at geekier websites.  We’re digging a little bit deeper, so if you have a geeky friend and don’t know what to buy for them, you have came to the right spot. Here are the top 3 geeky gift websites.

Top 3 Geeky Gift Websites

1) This Is Why I’m Broke

Top 3 Geeky Gift Websites, this is why I'm broke

Alright, while this site is not exclusively for geeks, they have a gifts for geeks section, which is incredible. From Star Wars to Pokemon, this site has all kinds of toys and gadgets that were inspired by the geekiest stuff of all-time. Definitely worth checking out.

2) Cool Things

Top 3 Geeky Gift Websites, Cool Things

The creators of this site had a very literal approach. The items listed on this site are things that would make you react by saying “Cool…”

They pay attention to detail on this site. Each item has a full article written about it, that way you know exactly what you are getting and can avoid purchasing something you don’t want. How cool is that?

3) Shut Up and Take My Money

top 3 geeky gift websites

If you haven’t been to this site yet you need to check it out RIGHT NOW. It’s one of those sites that is just fun to browse, whether you are looking to purchase something or not. Plus, how freaking cool is the name of the site? How many times do you see something cool on TV or Facebook and think “Shut up and take my money”?

These 3 sites are awesome if you are hoping to buy a geek a cool gift. Or if you are a geek (like me) and like to buy cool stuff, they’re definitely worth checking out.

What’s your favorite site that I left off? Contact us and let us know.